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02-14-2013, 08:53 AM
Originally Posted by fraghul2000 View Post
I'm not a fan of combat parsing in STFs. Too much depends on how the STF is going, what your role is/was and what the other guys were doing. For example you'll do much more damage, in a group which is able to constantly debuff a target with disruptor breach, FOMM and APB and have TacFleet running then in a group which isn't.

If you want to compare both ships, start one of the damage-testing foundry missions and parse both of your ships against shielded and unshielded targets for a longer damage cycle (10+ minutes). That way you'll really be able to get somewhat comparative numbers between both of your ships.
but if he does that, and does not check dps in stf, it will mean, that he wont know his dps in actual stfs, and everyone else anyway parses in stfs, so there will be more to compare to.

yes, loads depend on a team, especially their actual dps, and the pace goes. however I find, that at the very very very most the difference between the bestest ever, and worstest ever stf, will not be more than 4k DPS. yes, that is loads, however these are one in a million runs if you know what you are doing, and not pug regularly. the usual difference for me comes down to 1-2k DPS (the difference between not good and good stfs), which does matter, however if you parse a lot of stfs, you will know what went wrong, and why is what. so I would recommend running parsers in stfs, no matter what