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02-14-2013, 08:55 AM
Only reason I bother to do any foundry missions is for the FM. I already cap 4-5 characters on dilithum each day without touching IOR. You could leave IOR in and reduce the dilithum ore to 240 or even 80 and I would still do them for the fleet marks.

I've done the few missions that award FM 100s of times and am a bit tired of them. Although I do kind of enjoy The Big Dig, i only bother to do it when I have the daily for FM from it. If it always granted them I would be more interested in it.

I really couldn't care less about how much dilithum the foundry missions award. I already get enough for my needs from other sources, Fleet Marks are the main shortfall for progress on the SB.

Guess I'll go back to not bothering to do any of the foundry missions. Like I did when IOR stopped working for clickies, I was not going to spend 2hr to get 50 FM when FM were the main reason I was doing them. No way I'm going to bother doing them when they give 0 FM.

I feel for the KDF fleets. They are going to come to a halt. The low level members are also going to have problems earning FC. Not many ways to earn FM when you are lower level.