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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Here's how it works:

As you'll read, they are suggested by the community and I review. As we're trying to spotlight one a week, your suggestion may be more difficult to implement. However! I'm open to feedback so feel free to leave it here


Brandon =/\=
That is my feedback. Have more diversity in how missions are picked for spotlight. Open up voting at the start of the month for two weeks or so for a player?s choice. And have people vote via forum messages or the forum voting plug-in you used before.

How about some other spotlight criteria for that matter? Like a mission picked by the Devs over in the Cryptic office.

You would still be able to pick once a weeks:
Week 1 - Brandflakes' Pick
Week 2 - Devs Choice Pick
Week 3 - Brandflakes' pick or Foundry Challenge Winner
Week 4 - Players' Coice Pick

And for that matter, why MUST missions have a good story? And many others have pointed out, much of the new content the Devs are adding to the game have no story at all, just epic battles. Why can that not be a criteria for a good foundry mission? Why not have themes? Great Story Mission? Epic Space Battle Mission? Awesome Ground Skirmish Mission? Engaging Diplomacy Mission? Comic Spoof Mission? Charming Role-play Mission? This reason that you are starting to repeat spotlighting the same authors is because they are the only ones making missions that fit your narrow definition of what makes a good or fun mission. Widen your focus and accept that Star Trek has a great diversity and many definitions of what is fun.


Jengoz [%]D

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