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Basically I was checking out Perfect World when I looked at the map it showed regions of the world controlled by player factions.

Perfect World Player Factions

Now would something like that work here, each fleet has a chance to "own" a sector which another fleet can "arrange" to attack at a certain time, should the attacking fleet win the territory falls under their control, should they lose it remains to the defending fleet.

STO Territorial Map (forgive my poor paint skills)

Pelia Sector
Cardassian Sector
Vulcan Sector

Value = Owning a certain area grants special fleet projects / unlocks
Level (lvl) = The Tier requirement for owning a certain area of space (aka Undine 5, Borg 4, Cardassian/Deferi 3, Romulan 2, KDF/Fed 1)
Held by = Whomever hold the sector block

Perfect world uses colors to represent what factions own whats, maybe the fleet symbol could work here?

Challenging a fleet for control of X sector

Now im not sure how it works in Perfect World (game) but im told the attackers can select a time they wish to attack which is long enough for the both fleets to prepare.

At X time both fleets enter an arena choosen by the attacker (space or ground) they then duke it out until one fleet emerges the victor.


Maybe give each sector its own reward, with the additon of Fleet Marks.


Controlling the Bajor Sector gives your fleet Bajoran Bonuses (Doffs/Boffs)
Controlling the Pelia Sector may give your fleet a bonus when fighting the Undine, or maybe the Hylasa/Gek'li decide to hover around your starbase

How can Cryptic Raid our wallets

You can make some project that unlocks a token or w/e so we can attack X block


Do X project while on control of Y system so we're forced to control X block for whatever time to get the goodies from the project unlock.

Anyway.. discuss... hate.. like.. rage cos you're a pver in the pvp thread?