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Hi my name is Chance Wilson. I'm a old player that is returning to STO, and I'm looking for a fleet. I've been in 3 fleets before.

12th Fleet= Former Lt. Commander of Medical (Role Play Division), I went in active and was discharged, applied for re-entry and was denied.

169th Heavy Battle Group= Fleet fell in active, was a Ensign

Aurora= Recruit when fleet went off the air.

Starfleets Finest= Fleet went in active after the current season in game. I left after the commanding officer placed me in charge and he resigned. The "fleet" was me. So I shut it all down and went to look for better pastures.

BIO: I have experiences in the role play department and I would like to be part of a fleet with said department. I have organized and run role player ships, run 2 forum rp's and have been part of dozens of in-game and forum RP events. This is not my only area expertise, I have experiences with star base operations and tactical and a brief stint as a JAG officer in the ICCU in Darkspace. In the Tactical field, I have commanded team sized elements and squadron elements as Rear and Vice Admiral in ship to ship and hand to hand. So PVE and PVP are fine with me. As a JAG officer I was responsible for settling disputes and to try the minor case's. I was the Chief of Operations for a tier 1 starbase. I handled resources, set RP times, handled starbase operations. If you have questions please fill free to ask.

Time: I am on only during the day and on some weekends. I do have to work around with a work, band, and school schedule. I can organize and run a division of squadron as I run another fleet in the game Darkspace.

Ship: U.S.S Majestic
Race: Human Male, White
Rank: Lt. Commander, (I had to re-start my profile)
Division: N/A
Fleet: N/A
Age: 18

Thank you for taking the time to read and reply to this.

-Ricky Chance Wilson