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02-14-2013, 09:15 AM
Let me add another point of view (and in no particular order):

A - If you want to enjoy the ride of the game then either 1) Don't do DOff missions or 2) Focus on just the Rare DOff missions. If you want to level as fast as possible: DOff as much as you can.

B - For the love of anything you hold dear - play in groups and listen to the experts.

C - Learn to Craft - Cryptic may revamp this and having the skills sooner than later may benefit you. If they don't then at least you have another option to acquire gear other than worrying about EC/Dilithium/Reputation. Having said that: C1 - Scan every anomaly in every mission you DO play.

D - Don't just join any Fleet invite you get in game - research the forums for a home (unless you want to go solo).

E - Be an expert at your gameplay.

F - Have fun ... its a game, not a simulator.
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