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02-14-2013, 09:18 AM
Agree with OP.

Tric nerfed way too much. Yes you halved Damage, and yes you halved CD, so in theory you say DPS remains the same.

Unfortunately this is yet more evidence that YOU DO NOT PLAY YOUR OWN GAME.
You fail to realise that people use these weapons with dispersal patterns, and this nerf causes a HUGE reduction in DPS because of the interaction with pattern CDs as neatly demonstrated by the OP.

It reminds me of the time me and 3 fleeties took Gozer through Infected a few weeks after it was launched, and his jaw hit the floor because he had never seen set-ups that could do that much damage. Cue across the board increase in the strength of all STF borg...

Developers, please consult on changes with people who actually play the game before swinging your nerf bats.

Also TDD nerf. Put it back. Now. I am serious, this is a real money purchase (I bought a set number of reinforcement doff packs when they gave 10 lobi to buy the whole temporal set. These doff packs were bought with Zen that I had purchased on my credit card.) and should not be so drastically changed after said purchase.