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Originally Posted by jengoz View Post
Here is my suggestion. Once a month have a players' choice mission get spotlighted. Open the decision up to ALL the players on what they think is a good and fun player made mission and let everyone vote.


Jengoz [%]D
Isn't that what the ratings system does? Every player that rates a mission is effectively "voting" on whether or not it will appear in a search for top-rated missions. It's not quite a "spotlight" but it's basically the same thing. Besides, how else would missions get voted on? Would someone take submissions, and then select a few missions for players to vote on? That's basically what happens now - and you'd still be faced with the issue of one person deciding which missions make it to the voting block.

I will say that having the devs get together and play a few missions, and pick one to spotlight, would be cool, if only to say that the latest Spotlight was a "devs' choice." But there's still the issue of choosing which missions to present the team with, which would fall on Branflakes again (unless you expect the devs to play through every single player-suggested mission).
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