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02-14-2013, 09:23 AM
Originally Posted by lordrezeon View Post
You would think that an original creation would get a lot more love from the devs that introduced them.
At first I wanted to hop in and say "Well the Crimto and the Vito'D get no love either."

But then I realized that this all gets back to what I said earlier. This development team has spent three years making excuses and avoiding having to do any sort of development like the kind being asked for here. That includes not just Klingons, but also Catians and Feresans, and anything else.

Heck, they practically gave up on the Undine. And haven't done much at all with the Iconians and Romulans in ages. Though Season 8 may change that, at least.

Instead of story tellers and content creators pushing this game forward, it's mostly been the kind of mini-game, grind creators that would be better suited working at a company like Zynga. (Oh yeah, I went there).