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Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
very incorrect on this. tact console from lobi store, rom bo, borg console, zero point console. yeah just uped your crit rate buddy. time to push that acc over the top to make every shot land and keep procing that lame 1v1 t4 passive.
Excluding the Romulan tactical BOFFs, the best you could get your passive critical hit to is 8.9% with all of the consoles you mentioned.

With all purple tactical BOFFs, you can get that to 15.9%. Yes, 6% from crthx3 isn't a massive increase, but my crthx3 turrets are in the middle and right aft weapon slots. These turrets are going to be doing the least amount of damage compared to everything else. I'd rather increase my chances of getting the placate to activate than trying to do more damage with the last two weapon slots.

Even if I had accx3 in those two slots, I've already stated that crth already does more damage despite having less hits through actual testing in a controlled environment. The only reason I'd want accx3 is if I wanted to increase my chances to proc. But, apparently, it's determined by cycle and not on number of hits.

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