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02-14-2013, 09:29 AM
I looked last night at home, and my BOs' traits weren't showing up. The Gateway is under maintenance right now though so I can't check to confirm.

Also, the maintenance message this time is in place of any log in screen; usually it's a pop up overlaid on the log in screen. So that's new / weird (possibly because the servers themselves are offline?).

Originally Posted by darpink View Post
At the Boff requisition officer on ESD there are "Special" officers. In order to get these Boffs you need a "Veteran Bridge Officer Reassignment Form".
These Boffs have the "Leadership" and "Space Warfare Specialist" abilities.

I cannot find a "Veteran Bridge Officer Reassignment Form" anywhere. I've asked several other players about it and they too are at a loss as to where to find this form.

Does anyone have the answer?

Thanks in advance!
Those were a reward for players who had a lot of extra currency when there was a currency revamp several months (maybe a year?) ago. Players who lost a lot in the exchange were given a Veteran BO requisition (or more than one) as compensation.
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