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02-14-2013, 10:38 AM
Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
ok said like this makes much more sense.

even still, dont you want your cycle to have a higher chance to hit?
Do we? And I'm not asking this sarcastically or rhetorically. With adaptive shields and healing procs and the obituary for pressure damage, shouldn't we build for bigger hits less often?

And guys, climb off of Thissler's back for Kerrat and CnH, I use the same philosophy in arenas without a cloak. It doesn't invalidate his argument.

Currently when I get a good escort pilot I watch buffs and try to pin them and unload with [crit] mods. In the meantime I try to survive with abilities and positioning. Would I do better to watch buffs just the same but instead of pinning them just unload with [Acc] mods and devote my hold slots to more heals?