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02-14-2013, 09:39 AM
Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
I know players (and I count myself among them) who can burst with or without weapon modifiers. Timing will always do more for you than any piece of equipment will.
I try accx3 weapons even on an escort with just a Lt sci. I don't have tractor on it since I like 2 heals and had too many times of having to run away and exit combat to equip ones with more crit mods. People that I wasn't able to kill with accx3 like yourself on Jellybelly, I got a few kills on with CrtHx3 in a fvf cap and hold match a couple weeks ago along with another Panda bugship. Granted I still died more lol as I am much more suited to BOP then playing a fed escort but at least had a chance where as the Accx3 weapons I tried at the beginning and switched out again.

One problem for me I guess is its easy for me to time bursts in a cloaked ship since Im not evading and shooting back yet so easier to watch buffs, but since I pick when to attack and tractor I don't need ACC anyway. When in a Fed escort and not being cloaked I can watch buffs sometimes, but can't always spot them going down all the time when things get hectic. It seems even with missing a lot without the tractor, the crit mods just give so much damage when they do hit it makes up for it and often just lets me rip right through buffs when I do hit. Sort of a brute force approach compared to precision using acc weapons.

I guess it depends on style, I'll try the accx3 weapons again sometime and try to be more careful with them and see how they do.