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02-14-2013, 09:46 AM
HA! The day my scantily clad Orion bunns end up in grethor is the day Hot tubs, spa's and some other oh so decadent trapping get added to the after life. And Klingon warriors will LIKE them.

Seriously though, I would like to see a bit more attention paid to the other races of the KDF. I honestly think they should each have a different beginning to the level 1 tutorial. Unlike the Federation, the Klingon Defence forces are more of an amalgum. Due to perticularities of the KDF the empire chose to bring in the fleets of the allied powers (and have no doubts, they are allied at this point. The Gorn are under a Klingon Governor while they put thier own house back in order. The Orion cartels came over all together (there were Orions existant in the Empire that were allready citizens of the empire). There is an Orion home world, but its a played out rock with little to offer other then historic vistas, numerous archeological digs, and not much of anything left in the way of mineral wealth left to be extracted. They are one of the oldest of the starfaring races in the alpha quadrant. An ancient culture that is spoiled, and boored..and looking for some excitment. Thats the Orions.

The other races in the empire need to have a bit more of thier story told. The difference between the empire and the federation is the cracks in the empires unity are there for all to see. Its not perfect. And its never likely to be. But whoh betide any who attempt harm to that unity. As long as the empire is at risk, the races of the empire will stand together (they all have reason to NOT be part of the UFP) ..((and yes, peace with the federation might be one of the worst things that could happen!.. with out a clear and present external threat....)).

I would love to see an intro to the tutorial thats different depending apon the race of the player. It would idealy give some backround into why the players race serves with the KDF. The Federation is more hemogenus at the level of Star Fleet. The KDF though never has been. There are ships of the of the great houses, independents (read mercenaries.. Klingon "security" firms, and then of course the "Klingon Fleet" that takes its orders from the high council and navy command ((this includes detachments from the Orion, Gorn, Nausican fleets))

sounds more like what we would get right now if the EU decided to amalgamate the different national navies into an EU navy. ((shiver... talk about a logistics nightmare!!!))

No idea what the dev team is going to throw at us in May, but sad to say I don't think were going to get this sort of detail, much as I would like to see it.

I'm pretty sure at this point that the KDF is only going to get the bare minimum its been asking for for the last 3 years. Some more ship skins, maybe some more cloathing options. Anywhere from 20 to 40 missions, some in on going arcs, and a level one tutorial and introduction. There are going to be some additionas which are not faction specific of course, along with a new FE/story arc ((Under the Raptors wings))

Beyond that I'm not willing to speculate.

.................... for the record I'd like to make it clear I would truely love to be shocked, surprised, and overwhelmed with an a Beyond that we might get the beginnings of a persistant territorial PvP system, along with a couple more Rep systems. and a cap raise on Dilithium refining, along with an additional way to collect/aquire LOBI besides lock boxes. ((Spending anywhere from $150-$180 on master keys to get lobi crystals to buy a ship in the LOBI store seems more then beyond stupidly excessive))

Not sure what else I can add here at this point sooo...

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