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02-14-2013, 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
The damage output of the Lobi Store Temporal Torpedo was not intended to be modified in this change, and will be restored.

It may be subject to balance changes in the future, but was not intended to be changed alongside Tricobalt damage output.

As for the Tricobalt changes themselves, we're monitoring the performance of these weapons under the new changes and they are likely to be subject to additional tweaks. The massive spike damage that was possible using them on their previous cooldown rotation was causing an imbalance in damage-over-time expectations that could not easily be accommodated when balancing space combat.
bort, with torps damage over time is meaningless. its all about timing things right to get a bare hull hit. the mine change is compleatly understandable, at the very least the crit chaining wont be nearly as big a problem.

but are you aware that HY tric torps deal less damage then high yield plasmas now? is that seriously intended? frankly it would be balanced if the new cooldowns remained on the tric torp, but the damage was restored to how it was. it was an obscure weapon with a high opportunity cost befor, if you could fire it more often with the damage it had it would be more main stream.
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