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02-14-2013, 10:15 AM
Originally Posted by rickysmith1 View Post
I just had a bit of a PSYCHE moment in another thread, thought I would share here given it's relevance;

I always liked that back-story for the Tholians, plus what if the Tholians dont have the ability to invent!? or in that matter to re-produce? That is why they have such a fasination in harnessing technology...from the future, from alternate realitys, etc. Plus why they are so aggressive over their territory, in reality their not unlike humans in their nature but they have had to produce this image to others to defend themselves.
A good example is the first episode (Tholian Web), they could of blown the Enterprise out of the stars but they gave them a chance to rescue their Captain despite the strange excuse Spock gave about a disappearing ship.
Plus, what if the Doomsday Machine was originally programmed to hunt down the Tholian run-aways but malfunctioned?
And how many other Galaxys have been seeded by Tholians?
And who/what were they escaping?

IDEA: What if the Iconians escaped by using a gate to the Tholian Home Galaxy and enslaved them, but they rose up and escaped the Iconians in all directions seeding many Galaxies. Then when 'our' Tholians learn of the returning Iconians their thinking "uh oh, best start putting plans into motion and find a way to escape', hence their sudden hunt for Iconian Technology!
Thats why they want the Alpha-Powers to be at peace, to be decent cannon-foder! And why they lost the ability to be creative, because the Iconians removed it to prevent them being a threat!?

Perhaps in one of our storys we find a wrecked Tholian ship with an Iconian Data Rod, on it is a statement of parly with the Tholians, because the Iconians have already wiped out every other Tholian in every neighboring Galaxy!
Doomsday Machine? Think thats the preoperty of someone else.. Tholians from another galaxy.. hmm its possible...

But then I'll start to ponder what the tholians in the mirror and otehr universes are doing.. and thus my head will explude with the limitless possibilitys.