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So I just checked the romulan boffs

Rare quality:

Eng and Sci:
Male: Superior Subterfuge
Female: basic subterfuge

Male: Superior Operative
Female: operative

Very rare:

All superior subterfuge.

Also, the female boffs still aren't 'Romulan Female' the way the male ones are "Romulan Male' (I'm presuming this is how the bug with leadership was finally diagnosed with playable romulans in testing).

Shouldn't the very rare boffs have the superior traits, males and females the same? With Rare boffs with normal quality and uncommon with 'basic'? Right now why would you ever take a Rare romulan female boff that is strictly worse than a male one other than RP reasons? Yes they have different bridge officer abilities but those are trainable.

It's a lot of fleet credits and dil to spend on something that looks like it should be strictly superseded by something else when a fix goes through. Some clarification on what is supposed to happen might be nice.