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I want to start a different topic, maybe someone in hollywood will get wind of it.

I was surfing the web, and I came across this pic:

Now I know we will see Electro and the Rino in the next Spiderman movie. But why not squeeze the Black cat in there too, so you can setup this relationship between the two for a later movie. Seeing how Gwen is going to die, if they follow the Comic Lore, this only opens the door to the heated friction between these two characters.

That's my wish list #1 for any future spiderman movies.

My next one is Planet Hulk and World War Hulk for Hulks next two movies. With the Advengers 2 movie, I feel something major should happen, where Banner just loses control, and can't get out of Hulk form. Then the Hulk is riping up the place, until he is captured. The setup can have him being sent off world, and you get the begining of Planet Hulk. The Writers can take it from there. Then for the next one you get World War hulk, as he returns to Earth, and he continues his distruction path. Alone with his new allies, and of course you introduce new Marvel Charactors, that fight against the hulk and his new friends.

IMO with they go this route, it would make for epic movies.

What are some of your wish lst movies?

Oh and feel free to comment on my ideas. The Planet Hulk one is a rumor BTW, I hope it plays out as true.