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02-14-2013, 10:38 AM
I never understood why the fleet system they added did nothing to foster fleet play. I am in a fleet and I never really talk to them or do anything with them except add to the star base bucket. When the fleet events were talked about, I thought they were going to be just that; Events that you do with your fleet mates. Every fleet event or fleet action that I do is with a PUG. It makes no sense. And don?t get me going that you can?t even use the star base as a social map to hang out with your fleet. No one is ever in there because every time you queue for an event from there, you don?t return to the starbase!! You go back to the map you were at BEFORE going to the starbase.

Anyway, here is my suggestion, for what it is worth. Offer Fleet Mark bonus for doing things with players IN YOUR FLEET. Like fleet actions and events, foundry missions, and other stuff. If the other members of your team are all in the same fleet you get bonus fleet marks.