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02-14-2013, 10:39 AM
As far as I can tell, most of this talk of cloaks (why not capes?) hinges on fluff and the desire for a person's favorite ship to have extra abilities or do things it cannot currently do.

Simply put, there is currently no compelling gameplay reason to give Federation starships cloaking devices as a common feature. None. If Klingon vs. Federation PvP is to remain a game feature, then there needs to be a compelling reason to pick playing as a Klingon. There needs to be a measure of mechanical asymmetry. Klingon vessels get cloaking and canon-cruisers, while Federation gets more overall ships to choose from and greater resiliency and flexibility in general.

This honestly isn't about cloaking devices. If you want to have a starship that appears out of nowhere and rips into things, you can absolutely do that. You just play as a Klingon or pay money for one of the two Federation ships that have access to cloaking. That style of play is available right now for free.

I honestly believe that, at this point, it's more about people who want to enjoy a Klingon-faction sort of play style without giving up their favorite federation ship with it's super-cool load-out. Or "because of RP" or whatever.