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02-14-2013, 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
Even if he does... phasics are still pathetic. You won't kill anyone with phasics alone through shields. Might as well run quantums try your best to strip the shields... and in fact kill people when a shield does go down.

Phasics are just not anywhere near burst enough to kill anymore. They shone for about a month there.
They are when using the cluster and procing doffs to keep reloading it quickly, that combined with maxing crit bonuses out and spamming mines and torps salvos is often enough spike damage. Timing it so all of these attacks hit within a few seconds of each other and getting a lot of crits in can do the job. Also lots of people running plasma builds too, so this supplements their hull damage of anyone on your team with this.

I been on the receiving end of combined plasma and trans attack as well as using it, not very fun lol.