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What about the time when they needed the Fed to act as arbitor of seccesion.

What about all the hybrids out there like B'lanna Torras.My Fed tac has 15% Klingon in her.
Oh, if only the rules allowed the off-colour jokes I could make off that last sentence...

1) The High council needed a 'friendly neutral' to break the deadlock in a way that did not break the Empire. the alternative being a bloody and fratricidal civil war at a time when the Houses weren't interested in a bloody and fratricidal civil war, but minus the Emperor (Kahless-clone wasn't even a glimmer in some scientist's eyes yet), the likelihood was a civil war with no winner (well, except for the Empire's competitors). By bringing in an outside arbiter the decision could be made, and only the most hard-core opposition could oppose it-after all, "Foreign Policy" in the post-Khitomer period, including Diplomacy, was likely the major point of separation between Gowron and Duras, so seeing what the Empire's major ally thought was probably a good idea given the RSE's recent forays out of their isolation at the time.

2) "Diplomatic Legitimacy" is a long-used tactic in internal politics in the "Real world", esp. among/within nations that are effectively military dictatorships. (including Large or powerful nations-How do you think Boris Yeltsin held on to power for so long?)

3) Gow'wron likely would've won the Chancellorship by other means (re: "Violent and bloody civil war") without Picard's diplomacy-to be viable as an outsider (or seen as viable) and viable as a successor he had to have enormous 'pull' with the common Klingon-while Duras had great pull inside the council (or he, too, would not have been seen as viable by EITHER the council, OR his Romulan Masters). The sitting Chancellor needed a game-changer to preserve the Empire's political, military, and cultural integrity-and probably already KNEW about Duras' deal w/ the RSE, or he likely would NOT have brought the FEds in-and he did not TELL the feds because a Federation over-reaction would only have legitimized the treason Duras was engaged in.

Remember: it was KLINGON intelligence that spotted and understood the Cardassians linking to the Dominion, and it was KLINGON, not Federation or Romulan, intelligence that saw and understood the Undine infiltration-Klingons are more than "raar me smashes", the internal politics is, by definition, machiavellian to a level that most of their competitors dare not go-this will tend to spawn highly competent and effective Intelligence services (at MINIMUM at the House level, if not the National).

In short, the Chancellor was using the Federation to find the infiltrator in the manner that a farmer might drive a sickly cow across a minefield to clear a path to grazing for the healthy ones...
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