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Originally Posted by csgtmyork View Post
These aren't "STFs" but they are in the PvE que.

Fleet mark missions. The worst noobs in the galaxy are in those. I went into a starbase fleet defense with my Fleetmate. The other three ships all had technicolor beams/exploding bags of skittles. And their damage was about 0.

Needless to say, we failed. Horribly.

Then on Starbase Incursion (the one with the saboteurs... we were on the second part, where you have to defeat lots of enemy soldiers to get to one saboteur) we had 2 noobs run off (after my buddy and I repeatedly said "Follow us, follow us,") and aggro like, 2 other sections. That was about 20 enemy NPCs clustered in a doorway. Yeah. Fun times. That mission was a complete bust.

Starbase Blockade (defend the freighters!) My buddy and I say "You three go together, we will go find the other group." What happens? One guy runs off by himself. The other two follow us. Talk about another waste of time.

And these missions happened back to back. I nearly threw the computer monitor across the room, I was so frustrated.
a couple things to remember-those "Fleetmarks missions" are training wheels for players often as not, and open to a pretty broad spread of skills-from lowest-level new player, to levelled out veteran players, so they're NATURALLY going to have a higher fail rate-which is why they're so easy.

If you want to Fleetmark with people who might actually BE competent (higher percentage chance anyhow) you've got to look at missions that are somewhat tougher-"No win Scenario", and "Starbase Fleet Defense".

It's not that there won't be rainbow-skittle-AFK'ers, but the odds are against it being a critically high percentage in those, because the Rainbow-skittle-afkers are after CHEAP marks in terms of effort, with high or guaranteed returns vs. the effort put in, and the lower tier Fleetmarks missions don't require it.

something else to consider wrt Incursions:

A tac with a pulsewave and stealthing CAN solo 1-3 sabotuers in the second round of the incursion mission, if they know the map and have the Operative kit equipped-under those conditions, the non-tacs in the team only need to keep the mobs busy-and-distracted long enough for the Op to pull the hits.
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