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Ok, your numbers have some problems. If you insist on using parsing to determine the numbers, then you need to parse using otherwise identical equipment and eliminate as many variables as possible. No cutting beams, no torps, no set bonuses that significanly boost weapons energy or severely reduce energy weapon drain like the Borg set does. Beams are power-hungry, which is why their sustainable DPS isn't much higher than turrets when used in numbers of 5 or more. Furthermore, the weapons need to have identical modifiers all around.

I did so! It seemed fair to do it myself, afterall:

I ran two separate types of encounters: one on one vs. a battleship and 4 on x vs Nausicans in the Japoori Tau Dew sector patrol.

The ship was a science ship. Loadout was 6 vanilla mk xi tetryon weapons. No special item set bonuses were used that would adversely effect the consistency of the results either by providing power bonuses to weapons or by generating effects to reduce weapons drain. The turret loadout used two tac team 1's and cannon rapid fire 2 and 3. The beam array loadout used two tac team 1's, BFaW2, and attack pattern omega 1. No other powers were used that would otherwise effect overall DPS. The only other powers used were EPtS1, evasive manuevers, and aux2sif 1. I parsed the data using act 3 and was careful to avoid long lapses in combat in both instances.

In the patrol mission, the beam ship came out ahead slightly with an overall DPS of 20% more than the turret ship, but only finishing the patrols an average of 13% faster. A big help in this was the fact that there were multiple allies available to take advantage of the extra DPS generated by BFAW2, meaning less damage was wasted.

In the battleship one on one, the turrets came out ahead, dealing 8% less damage while finishing the individual engagement an average of 21% faster. Aiding in this was the turrets ability to consistently deal DPS regardless of facing, meaning I could loiter close to the Klingon battleships and concentrate solely on staying within the same shield arc for most of each engagement. Much of the additional DPS generated by the beams seems to have been directed at the incoming shuttles or was scattered over several shield facings, having no appreciable effect on overall engagement time.

In a follow-up 1 v X match run a single time for both kicks and also giggles, the turrets came out ahead again, dealing slightly less damage, while reducing the engagement time by about 15%. Without additional powers to take advantage of the BFaW-generated DPS, enough of it was healed to make the real-world usefulness of the extra damage less impressive than the raw numbers would seem to indicate.

Again, I simply state that turrets are, in general, more useful than arrays. The slower the ship turns and the more weapons it has, the more exaggerated and more pronounced this difference in utility becomes. Try it for yourself.
wrong on too many counts

the borg 2pc proc actually is more advantageous to the turret system. the proc has no icd, can proc multiple times in a row and due to the higher proc rate of turrets meant more time well above 100 power. yet it still could not overcome a 1k dps difference.

it's not my fault you refuse to fly your ship in pve in any other way other than face on, stopped or rolling in reverse like i see so many. with all of my beam testing in this foundry mission, i was able to keep all 5 beams and the 180 torp on target 100% of the time for the entire duration. you think i did this standing still when the spawn point of each battleship is somewhat random? it's also something i can maintain in elite stf's, hitting upwards of 15k dps in my lowly cruiser with enough tac debuffs on target, and a median dps of 8.2k over 18 ise's.

YOU parse your numbers. act is free. it's easy to set up. i also ran the same tests in the excelsior fleet refit and the assault cruiser refit and the results were the same - a full turret boat or turret boat + torp regardless of torp (i have fleet quantums and fleet plasmas, mk xii as well as 3 purple torp doffs) with lazy ass driving was 800-1200 less dps than a proper beam layout with a 180, lower-base-damage-torp setup that was driven properly. the only time turrets became close was when the beam boat was driven lazily and constantly face first.

yes yes whine whine 'oh you just said i need a cstore ship module to make that work'. so? the assault cruiser refit due to it's boff layouts is the ideal aux2batt platform for engineers and of the cruisers even though it has one less tac slot than the excelsior fleet does the most damage for a non-carrier. if you don't want to spend the money, or convert your dil into zen to buy it, then more power to you. but don't straight say that turrets are better than beams. even with DEM and lots of plasma dot procs, they are only better if you're a lazy face-forward player and iF YOU ARE you should be in a ship with DHC.