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02-14-2013, 12:27 PM
Originally Posted by roejspinodji View Post
*irony off now* however it would be just fair to return to the settings as it was before. Tricos are the only chance for Engi or Sci Captains to create some dmg, to have at least a small chance against Tac Captain Escorts in Gorn or SB24. So you should not have changed them. Actually the real problem is, that Cannon escorts have no defense skill against mines, which beam escorts have. Give them some kind of "turret spread fire at will" skill and the problem of tricos in pvp is solved.
Why should cannon escorts have more defence to match a beam escort? Aren't cannon escorts powerful enough? Geez, I reckon if cannon escorts keep crying long enough they'll get the new ability I've outlined below.

"I Win"

20km range
Single target
30 sec cooldown

Destroy target. Target has no defence.

Still, I could see them crying after they get this, saying the 30 seconds is too long...