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Originally Posted by claransa View Post
In any fleet, particularly a large fleet your going to have solo players, whether you personally like it or not, who should be able to contribute to the fleet goals.

I could be mistaken but I just can't help but read an anti-solo sentiment in your posts. If that's the case i'm sorry to bust your bubble but some people are just never going to play with others even in a MMO and really doesn't detract from your gaming experience at all. In some cases that might be how the soloist gets along with other people. Or maybe it just takes them longer to drop their shields. Regardless solo fleet mates should have a way to contribute to fleet goals too.

And if i'm completely off base with this, I apologize to you and the community, and hope you don't take this as a personal attack.
I still don't know why they don't implement something like the Prestige system from their original MMO City of Heroes. When you joined a supergroup there, you could switch to "Supergroup Mode", which would allow you to earn the currency Prestige no matter what content you did in the game.

It was simple, effective, and allowed you to the play game and spend your time how you wanted. I sometimes think that they forget that the precious time we spend in game is our time and not theirs.
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