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Originally Posted by d3cubed View Post
The Empire's motives for helping on New Romulus are as follows:
  • Preventing the Romulans from joining the Federation outright, or making a close alliance that would shift the balance of power against the Klingons.
  • Gaining a stronger alliance with Obisek. Even if the Romulans are dishonorable cowards, Obisek and his Reman followers are not.
  • Preventing the Romulans from ever again being a strategic threat to the Empire, allowing more attention to be devoted to threats like the Borg or Undine.
  • Ja'rod supports the alliance, as does at least one other high council member. And while J'mpok is not on the best of terms with Ja'rod at this point, he has no option other than to go along with him, as the (albeit weak) Duras/J'mpok alliance is the only thing preventing the House of Matrok from retaking power.
The first two reasons assume the New Romulus faction is still some kind of major military power. They're not.

'Helping' the Romulans while undermining their efforts to rebuild sounds like something Romulans would do. Klingons would more likely see the situation as an opportunity to wipe out the Romulans.

Ja'rod supports the alliance, but that's not a reason. Why does he support the alliance?