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02-14-2013, 12:55 PM
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... I don't know about you but I did not aspire to be vice admiral when I was watching Star Trek. No, I wanted to be captain or lower ranks like Commander and Lt Commander etc. I don't get the concept of having thousands of Vice Admirals roaming about on STO.
I'm a Vice Admiral because the higher ranks haven't shown up yet.

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This ranking system does not make any sense to me. What's the fun in this? If I am a starfleet officer, I like to work myself up.. yes .. but I also like to stay being Commander for some time. I don't think leveling up should be connected to your rank. We all level up quickly and never stay in one rank for long. The reason for that is the limitations of the lower ranks (and sometime crappy ships).

Point is, can't we separate the two.. the leveling and the rank?

Also as lower rank of Commander, you are not suppose to be captain or have your own ship, right?
Why? Do you think todays Navy has full-bird Captains commanding destroyers and friggates? Lt.Cmdrs and Cmdrs. run them. Even Ensigns can have ship commands. Typically, the lower the rank, the smaller, less tactically superior the vessel.

Originally Posted by thestargaze View Post
Is there a better system for this? If so,.. what would it be?
If this is the biggest issue you have with the game, you should feel happy.