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# 1 Time to weigh in !
02-14-2013, 01:04 PM
OK let us not beat around the bush any longer ! Resistance is futile.... Please enter your bank or credit card number so that PWE can make money hand over fist without as much as lifting a finger.

This is how i see it and maybe some of you see it this way also..

Everytghing that PWE puts into this game that makes you want to spend money to get (and even if you do not spend the monet to get) That sounds like an item that will do great damage or heals or whatever dooes just that for about a month ..then sales drop and they start thinking of the next thing and before you know it the item you just got is nerfed.

Some of you will think this is a rant some me blowing off steam but the fact is i have seen it time and time again for the past year and a half.

I may not be the best at explaing the way things are but i am no fool as to the fact that pwe relys on its players to make playable content ( The Foundry ) while they come up with new ways to make money.

I know myself i would love to see content that was not foundry made and that was actually challenging that had nothing to do with the grind.

If you feel the same way please comment.