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pretty much so. As an Engineer you can use nadion inversion to keep the energy drain of those beams low and youre engineering powers should keep that ship alive longer tha a tactical captain is able to. A tactical captain will have a higher spike damage than an engineer in the same ship. However an engineer can keep the damage high on a high level.
To fully use the potential though you might need to adjust some of the engineering boffs to your needs. You can heal some damage yourself so use some Boff powers to keep weaponspower near 125 as much as you can and try to keep a high Aux Power for the Feedback pulse nad the Gravimetric beam of the MACO set.

When it comes to universal consoles there are some that do help you to increase damage or critical hit chance and severity. the borg assimilated module, the romulan signature neutralizer, the tachyokinetc converter and the zero point energy conduit.
The fleetexcelsior has ten console slots. Use then wisely. I say go for dps as that ship has close to 60000 hull with the maco set and close to 13000 shields with my setup. An engineer most likely goes bejond that.
The ship tanks well on its own so use the powers it has to do damage. However with tactical team, engineering team and sience team and Aux to structural you do have some, albeit limited healing powers.

btw. if you use the transwarp computer from the tier III excelsior and a purple astrometrics doff to reduce transwarp cooldown , you can transwarp every 4 minutes. Much more fun than to wait 15 minutes. However that Doff doesnt boost anything elso so its more a fun thing to have than anything else, wont help alot in combat. An energy weapons doof is more usefull for increasing damage.
Cruisers ftw!

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