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02-14-2013, 01:55 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
As for the Tricobalt changes themselves, we're monitoring the performance of these weapons under the new changes and they are likely to be subject to additional tweaks. The massive spike damage that was possible using them on their previous cooldown rotation was causing an imbalance in damage-over-time expectations that could not easily be accommodated when balancing space combat.

Tricobalts have always been a high risk / high reward weapon. They were risky in the sense that it might get shot down before reaching the target, it's massive damage could get ruined by a sliver of shield popping up at the last second, or it could simply blow up in your face. However if it hits... triumph! You get a sweet 5 digit damage number floating in space right where your hapless target used to be.

With today's changes that high risk / high reward dynamic has been greatly muted. Not to mention the actual reduction in DPS when BOFF powers are considered. When rebalancing these I propose giving tricobalts a wider AOE damage region and some shield penetration, perhaps half what transphasics have. After all, trics push ships around with the sheer force of their explosions. It makes send that would cause some damage.

Whatever changes are made, please just restore the high risk / high reward dynamic that for 3 years has made tricobalts so much fun to use.