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02-14-2013, 02:01 PM
Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
I'm sorry but I do not understand how or who is looking at the weapon balance. There is a clear lack of understanding of the reality of the game when changes like these happen.

Let me absolutely clear on something: It is obvious that whoever that person is only seems to have federation escorts in mind when reaching a 'this is balanced' decision.

Why I say this: The tricobalt torpedo and mine changes only benefit that specific ship. No other. It is only functional in that ship type.

Think about it. Cruisers of any faction dont benefit from it. Neither do carriers. Nor science ships. Only birds of prey, raptors and federation escorts have the speed to close in and drop those mines.

But.. the kdf ships that cloak rely on one time passes and re-cloak after a very brief time. They dont have the hull or tanking ability to stay in a fight in the same way the fed escorts have (hell they can tank tac cubes in elite). Reducing timers and damage by half makes the mines lose the ability to make up for the dps the ships lose from not having as many chances to do multiple passes. For the federation escorts however, its a huge boon. Now they can drop very high damage mines every single pass.

...and this is on top of ridiculously high cannon damage.

Before this change the mines were a knockout punch for a fed escort and for the KDF. Now they are the fed escort's repeating uppercut while the KDF is left wanting.

...which seems to be the standard operating procedure for this game since launch anyway.

Here's a more intelligent way of fixing the tricobalt mines: INCREASE THEIR TIMERS.

Same old damage, 2 minutes to re-use. If a ship loads 2 mines they will be limited to 1 per minute drop anyway.

...KDF and FED escort types both have the same benefit and limitations in this scenario.

Damn that was easy wasn't it? Or was the whole purpose of this alleged 'balance attempt' nothing more than another 'lets boost fed escorts' effort?

Tricobalt Torpedoes: Leave their timers at 30 seconds and make them not have shared cooldowns with other tric torps/mines. In short, treat them like any regular torpedo.
The catch? Reduce the regular tric torp damage to be equivalent to a quantum torp high yield 1. Its not that big of a damage but its in-line with it being a destructible torpedo. Give it a big boost in damage when using high yields (what it did under high yield just last week) and have spreads still fire ONE torpedo -but- make it guarantee an AOE rift blast (that makes it 'spread damage').

While you're reading this (IF):

Lobi items should all come in account bound crates. Having my lobi stuck in one character and unable to use it and give the item to the character that needs it is unacceptable. Account bound lobi or account bound item crates (bind on acquire once crate open). Is it REALLY that hard to do?

Reman/Romulan 2-piece bonus for heavy plasma torpedo defense bonus was broken 2 patches ago. The heavy torpedoes are being shot down as fast as the non-set bonus ones.

Omega launcher kicks in timer after firing high yield rather than allowing the next torpedo charge to be fired. This is just silly. Why not make it do bonus damage based on the charges it has left and empty the launcher upon a high yield shot?
Aka :
5 charges= fires the huge plasma ball the borg unimatrix shoots. +30% damage.
4 charges= Not as big plasma ball. +20% damage.
3 charges= Fires the currently used high yield animation torpedo. +10% damage
1 & 2 charges= fires the currently used 'regular torpedo' animation. +5% damage.

Finally, the hyper-plasma torpedo is bugged as of 2 patches ago. The launcher does not start to fire until the ship is fully decloaked AND the wings are folded down. No other torpedo does this. Before that patch the hyper plasma would fire like other did not wait for the decloak/wings down animation of birds of prey. Curious note: this delay does not happen on raptors (no wings to fold). So im guessing its related to that animation.

also, after YEARS, fix that decloaking bug (where every dialogue window and looting stuff decloaks you)