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02-14-2013, 02:14 PM

I am also from Elite Defense Starfleet, I think you would like to join us, I also feel you should get in touch, we can show you are atarbase, invite you to see what we have done as a team, being in a fleet is about being with people you feel comfortable with, thats the most important thing at all...

I have been through 3 fleets, started at Synergy and left just over a week, they were not welcoming and I felt isolated, I went onto the 75th Armada, had some good people in just not big enough for me.

Most of the 75th Armada followed me to the fleet that I am in now, I think its because we are just good friends. We have great battles with some other fleet, where we have out own PVP matches at the weekend.

Plenty of people also STF within our fleet, we get around 2 to 3 matches going.

However I think the best thing for you guys + gals to do is think about what you are about to do... I would you have done so much just for 3+ people to get to a T3 starbase with hardly anyone helping is FANTASTIC...

Thats just my advice... dont rush into anything as you could regret it...

If you want to chat in game please feel free and get in touch. @KirkRyder

I deal with the recruiting within the fleet, as best as I can.

Just want to wish you best of luck what ever you decide to do.
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