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02-14-2013, 03:58 PM
Stop being so negative, you people think a patch is made in a month or so, but first they need proof of it then figure out a way to make it so it's good to go with ingame.
And yes they lower some didgets because it was to strong, but they also set things back a little higher just to ballance the game a bit.

And Cryptic store is also good to go with and it's not always real money most you can get with grinding.
I needed EC so I bought some keys sold it on exchange and with those EC's I can outfit my new char a bit.

No you should try out other MMO's same deal friend even worse I say Cryptic and PWE does a verry good job on the game so far, and to be honost I do not think they sit at morning at the coffee table disgussing how to get your money.
They try to make some money to give us the players a great game.
And the foundry is not much else only the rewards are changed a bit.

Please stop being so negative otherwise I sugest stop playing for a while, cause this MMORPG is verry good versus other MMO's I have seen.


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