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02-14-2013, 03:06 PM
Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
We're on the ship so why are we watching it flying away? 1:30 into the video is how we should be seeing a warp out sequence.
What is really missing is the transition from warp out to sector space, ideally the loading screen should be replaced with a rushing star field and warp engine acceleration sound.
It's unlikely we'd get that since it would mean changing how map loading sequences are tagged and identified.
Ok, let me just say that the Galaxy_D warp out scene in the Star Trek Vs BSG video at 1:30 is freaking badass. That's much more akin to a more classic star-trek movie type warp out, and I would love the option to have it.

However, why not make a compromise? It would be nice if we had several options.

First Option: Watching our ship warp out from a perspective in front of it so that we're facing it as it warps out towards us like the Bird of Prey warp out scenes from Star Trek IV.

Second Option: Similar to 1:30 warp out mxvitor mentions, we would start out looking at our ship from the front and then it would pan out to behind the ship at an angle (maybe we could choose the angle).

Third option:

Scene changes to the inside of your ship and the scene focuses on helm and engineering who say they are ready for warp. The camera then zooms on you the captain sitting in the captain's chair. You can then choose between "mahk-cha" and then maybe a few other Klingon phrases (not sure which ones would be best). As Fed Captains, "we could say any of the following: "punch it," "engage," "get us out of here! Warp 9! Engage!," etc. After you give the order to helm, the camera zooms in on the view screen that shows your ship entering into high warp and then leaving it like in the youtube video above.

In addition, we should be able to customize the color of our warp trails. Klingons and Feds should be able to choose between light, medium, and dark hues of blue, purple, green, yellow, red, orange, etc.

I also think the transwarp activation poof is pretty lame as well as the transwarp exit. Not sure what to suggest for it, though.

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