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02-14-2013, 03:17 PM
I'm with fraghul2000, ditch the bio-function monitor. +300% of almost zero is still almost zero. If your worried about crew monotanium, neutronium, or a emergency force field may serve you better.

Also, you may or may not want to look into a Aegis set. It's not a great deal to look at, but once the resistance stacks five times your going to be getting a constant 30-40% resistance to a damage type. Which consider the pounding the big blue bullseye takes, adds up quickly.

Edit: In addition to the +5% static defense, and +5% defense for not standing still.

Edit2: Something else that's only marginally helpful, but noticeable is Mask Energy Signature. Not normally worth a second look, but again the Atrox is a big blue bullseye. Sometimes not being the first thing seen can make a difference.

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