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Originally Posted by jumpingjs View Post
I may be wrong so PLLLLEASE CORRECT ME

You need a minimum of 2-3 teams at about 5-8 km from the CE.

Team 1 consisting of mainly escorts fires AoE attacks at the SHARDS (Aim to be a big team)

Team 2 Consisting mainly of Cruisers and sci ships are firing at the CE

Team 3 is a mix of the above and more, mainly consisting of Cruisers and sci ships. These ships goal is to heal team 1 and 2 while providing fire on anything they can.

When it starts firing large shards, do not destroy the ones near to the CE, as the small shards then fly back if they are not targeted quickly enough. Aim to destroy all small and medium sized shards. Mines are fine , but be aware, they may destroy a large shard ... but in this level , you ought to be alert anyway. Boarding party's are fine ... if they can even reach the desired target, but probably will not do anything. AoE attacks are good (Torp spread etc) because they destroy many shards.
Everyone running TBR. Low partical gen High Repulse TBR, u can push the LArges away without killing them.