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Heck first figure out what the war is even about. What is J'mpok's trying to achieve? Rooting out Undine? Territorial desires? Full conquest of the Federation? A simple apology from the Federation Council? A simple lust for battles to fight? From all the Path To 2409 stuff, I'm not sure what the strategic objective is, and who wages war for zero reason? Even B'vat had a reason.

The only thing I get from the history is that J'mpok was embarassed by Taris, blamed the Federation rather than admit his own mistakes, and has held a grudge ever since. Is this whole war really just one guy lashing out to hide his own insecurities?
-J'mpok knows that the Federation is infiltrated by Undine. Heck, even Starfleet Inteligence knows it if you read the STO lore. So what is J'mpok & KDF suposed to do? Ofcourse that they'll wage war against a Federation lead by Undine infiltrators.
-The Federation fleet intercepted & destroyed the KDF fleet led by Worf acting to protect the Romulans from KDF invasion after the destruction of Romulus, while the Federation was suposed to be an ally of the Klingon Empire. One thing Klingons never forget is betrayal in their eves. That's the reason they despise Romulans so much.
-J'mpok acting as Chancellor or the Klingon Empire announced that the Empire is taking back their lost systems to the Federation in the past. In DS9, Gowron acting as Chancellor told Sisko that when the KDF is involved in war, not even he as Chancellor can put an end to it without the Klingons having a victory and conquering something. It would put and end to his honor, life and probably House as well. So peace = one of the blue or green sectors turning red.
-And last but not least - the KDF in order to increase it's capacity and counter an ever expanding Federation has signed a list of alliances and non-agression pacts with certain species. Most prominent of them at least according to starship contribution to the KDF are the Orions & Nausicaans.
When you talk peace, you must take into consideration the new allignment of the KDF and it not being only Klingon. Orions are marauders and Nausicaans are pirates. They attack Fed. ships & trade convoys and then hide under the protection of the KDF in Klingon space. How would peace fit them?

If these reasons are not enough I don't know what else to say. They certainly are enough for me.
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