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Hrmm, my numbers are off - thanks to pokersmith1 for pointing that out. I'll need to go back and fix that...meh. I was keeping the when pasting instead of bah, that will teach me to rush through something. I'll go back and edit it...first though...

Originally Posted by pokersmith1 View Post
Thank you for your response. From my understanding of the spreadsheet, I took it to be +1.25% critical chance and +5% critical severity for each 10% accuracy overflow. However your numbers and mine don't match. Here are the numbers that I came up with - click.
Elusive gives you +10% Bonus Defense.
9 Maneuvers gives you +15% Bonus Defense.

That's +25% Bonus Defense.

Course as noted below, you were probably applying the -15% for sitting still to get that never mind.

Based on the example provided here:

Originally Posted by Archived Post View Post
On the flip-side, assume that you still have no inherent Accuracy modifiers, but your target is stopped (and taking a -15% Defense penalty, or -.15), plugging in 1.00 into the Accuracy box, and .85 into the Defense box, you get 0.15 as your Diff score. Since this is positive, you would look in the If Diff Positive box, and get "1.13..." as your result... Meaning you have 'Accuracy Overflow'... You have 100% chance to-hit your target, and, if you look in the lower-right hand portion of the spreadsheet, you can look on the Accuracy Overflow table, and look at the entry for 0.1 (since your overflow is 0.13-ish)... You would gain a little more than 1.25% Critical Chance, and a little more than 5% Critical Severity.
While the Diff is 0.15, it's a case of looking at the Diff Positive Box - not the number in the Diff Box. So you're looking at 0.130434783 - that's the Accuracy Overflow - not the 0.15...

So that gives you +1.63% CrtH & +6.5% CrtD.

With your example, not sure how you got the Accuracy Overflow of 0.15... was it the Diff Box and not the Diff Positive Box for a +25% Accuracy vs. +10% Defense (should be +25%)?

Hrmmm, I need to go back and redo my numbers like I said...stupid of me carrying that 1 over...meh.

Let me do a quick example here though and I'll go back to edit those afterward:

Accurate (+10%) & 9 Targeting (+15%) vs. Elusive (+10%) & 9 Maneuvers (+15%) vs. a target sitting still (oh, duh - that's where you got the 10% - like I said, I'm not thinking right now...moron that I am).

So that gives us our +1.63% CrtH & +6.5% CrtD.

If we add a +10% ACC mod to that, our Accuracy Overflow becomes 0.2 giving us +2.5% CrtH & +10% CrtD.

If we took a +2% CrtH mod, we'd have +3.63% CrtH & +6.5% CrtD.

If we took a +20% CrtD mod, we'd have +1.63% CrtH & +26.5% CrtD.

2x ACC: +3.2% CrtH & +12.96% CrtD
2x CrtH: +5.63% CrtH & +6.5% CrtD
2x CrtD: +1.63% CrtH & +46.5% CrtD

So yeah, I'll go back and fix my math...meh.

Originally Posted by pokersmith1 View Post
I was not aware that skill points modified the modifiers. That is news to me. Do you have a source? If you do, can u point me to it?
It's not a case of modifying the's a case of giving a modifier.

An ACC mod gives +10% Accuracy.
4 in Targeting gives +9.7% Accuracy...5 gives +11.2%.

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