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Hood stands on the planet's surface. For once in a great while unsure as to what he can now do. With the saritoga lost. Jacob somewhere he doesn't know what he can do. But he knows he will be damned if he is going to give up now.
*Over the planet in an unknown region of space in the beta quadrant..*

*Gyunei is reporting to Preston. While Kela is over joyed to see Preston..*

Gyunei: Yes sir we captured Admiral Hood and Captain Jacob Halsey...

Preston: *a little aged with a few lines on his face from stress.* Good, I expect they are alive?

Gyunei: Yes master they are.. We also captured a little over a thousand Newtypes from the rebel ships should we process them?

Preston: No send them to these coordinates and give them to Falsi at Angel Halo. We will need them.

Gyunei: Yes Master..

Kela: Master.. When do we engage the Rebels again?

Preston: *lightly amused* Soon Kela.. Quite soon. Just take a break and rest up.. You both will be needed in the Operation we have planned.

Gyunei: Yes master.

*Kela skips off while Gyunei remains*

Preston: Seeing Jacob again making your head hurt?

Gyunei: No *a Lie*

Preston: Please report anything of the sort.. We need you at your best.