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02-14-2013, 04:41 PM
Shatner calling anyone else a pig is most definitely the pot calling the kettle black, the primary reason that Shatner wasn't in the Abrams film is because Shatner wanted the story to feature more of him, he didn't want to just do a cameo.
I don't honestly know if Shatner sincerely believes what he is saying or if he is just playing the role of the narcissistic buffoon that everyone thinks he is. He certainly burned a lot of bridges with members of his own cast. Star Trek films with Bill Shatner in them have always had to be the "Captain Kirk Show: featuring Bill Shatner as James Kirk and guest starring.. those other guys".
His critiquing Abrams style? My response is Star Trek V the Final Frontier, the most idiotic simplistic, lame, un-Star Trek like movie of the whole run.
New Star Trek may need a lot of things, but a limelight stealing scene hogging ham isn't one of them.
No I don't hate Bill Shatner and I've enjoyed most of his work, but let's be real here, he's an entertainer, actually a has-been at that, he's not a god and his opinions mean no more than anyone else's.
But he does have an impressive ego, they found a good role for him in Third Rock from the Sun as the Big Fat Head.