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Bryan sat in his ready room, staring out of the window idly. He wasn't really thinking about anything, merely sitting and staring silently. He was interrupted from his reverie when his combadge chirped, nearly startling him out of his chair. He quickly tapped it and said "Valot, go ahead."

"Sir," ensign Aara, the Athena's Orion comms officer said, "Admiral Blaze is hailing us. Or, more specifically, you."

"Put her through to the ready room." Bryan said, sighing heavily.

The 1st Assault Fleet's co-leader, and Bryan's direct superior, appeared on the console in front of him.

"Greetings Bryan," She said with a faint smile.

"Ley. What do you need?" he responded tiredly.

"There have been some anomalous readings coming from a star that's going supernova approximately twelve Light Years from New Romulus. Could you check it out, make sure that it's no threat?"

"Send us the coordinates. We'll be there as soon as possible."

"Sent. Good luck Bry." With that, she closed the channel.

"Helm," he called out, tapping the intercom button on the ready room console, "Set a course for the coordinates the Equinox just forwarded. Best speed."

The ship began to hum faintly as she accelerated to her maximum warp velocity. Suddenly, the space outside appeared to fluctuate with a faint, pulsing, blue color as the Asynchronous warp field activated, pushing the ship all the way to warp 20.

"Sir, we've arrived in the Azure sector." Athena, the ship's AI, called out several hours later.

"Good. Anything else?" Bryan responded.

"Actually, yes. You have a new message." She said.

"Thank you Athena. I'll take it in here."

"No problem sir."

Bryan pulled up the message on his terminal. The title simply read "New year's resolution." Even though he all ready knew what the message he wrote to himself said, he opened it anyways. All the message said was "Remember your promise to her, Bryan." There wasn't anything else to the message, but there didn't need to be, for the intent of the single sentence immediately reminded Bryan of what he needed to do.

Bryan tapped his combadge and said "Helm, divert course to the Azure Nebula"

"Are you sure? Admiral Blaze said-"

"Dwayne, " I interrupted him, "Leyla's orders can wait. Set a course for the Azure Nebula, now.

"Yes, sir, diverting course."

The bulkheads groaned faintly as the ship changed its course ever so slightly. Though, built to withstand the strain of high warp maneuvers, the turn still put noticeable stress on the hull, hence the noises structural supports attempting to compensate.

"Athena, what's out ETA?" Bryan asked.

"Ten minutes at present speed, sir," the ship said.

"Very good. Could you please inform Commander Zera that I would like to see her in observation?"

"Right away."

The room was silent for a few seconds before the AI finally said anything again.

"Done, sir."

"Good." Bryan said calmly.

"Sir, a question, if I may?"

"Open door policy, Athena. Go ahead."

"Are you finally going to propose to her?"

Bryan smiled as he rested his face into the palm of his hand. " A bit nosy aren't you?"

"Of course," the AI said, laughing a little.

"Well, in that case, you'll just have to find out later, just like the rest of the crew."


Bryan stood at the window of the main observation room, observing the stars rushing past the ship when Ibalei entered the room. Though her scars from the battle with their mirror counterparts had all ready healed, she still walked with a slight limp.

"You needed me sir?" She said cheerfully.

"Yes, I did." Bryan responded, smiling a little. "Athena? How much longer?"

"Now, sir." Athena responded.

The entire observation room was tinted blue by the light of the nebula. Ibalei stood there, speechless at what she saw. Her eyes, grey as a stormy sky, were tinted slightly by the light. She walked over to the window and simply stared.

After standing there for a minute, she quietly said "It's beautiful. I never imagined..."

"Imagined what?" Bryan asked.

"That I'd ever be able to see it. At least not without being given my own command."

"I keep my promises, Ibalei."

"I know, I know. It's just...I've never seen anything so beautiful."

"Not even when you look in the mirror in the mornings?"

"I- What?"

Bryan looked into her eyes as he prepared to ask her the hardest question he would ever ask. But, even as he opened his mouth to speak, alarms blared, and Six of Nine, the Athena's chief engineer and second officer, came on the intercom and said in an extremely distressed voice "Red alert! Temporal anomaly detected right off the bow! Evasive action!" Even as she finished her sentence, however, the entire room became enveloped in darkness.


Bryan got up from the floor and looked around. The room, especially considering the speed of the impact, was surprisingly intact. Ibalei was already up and shaking herself off from the impact as well.

"Ibalei, are you all right?" He asked, visibly concerned.

"Yea, don't worry, I'm fine." She said, a little shaken, but otherwise unharmed.

"Six," Bryan said, tapping his combadge, "Give me a damage report."

"No real damage to report other than the starboard nacelle is flooded. Looks like the Neutronium armor held." The liberated Borg said.

"Go back a second. The starboard nacelle is flooded?" Bryan said, visibly concerned.

"Yes sir."

"Athena?" Bryan asked, his intended question quite obvious to the AI.

"It's flooded because we're currently sitting approximately one hundred kilometers off of the coast of New York city." The AI muttered with a touch of annoyance.

"...New York city?"

"Yes sir. And, judging by the ship floating above us, I'd say we're some time in the early 21st century. Before you ask, the ship I'm talking about is a United States of America Nimitz class nuclear aircraft carrier. Specifically, the Nimitz herself."

"What are they doing?"

"Judging by this lightly encrypted radio chatter, I'd say they're trying to figure out exactly what we are."

Bryan sighed. "Well, temporal prime directive just went out the window. Cut all exterior lights. Put a field over the breach in the starboard nacelle, we'll need to find a way to pump it out if we want to get out of here. Ibalei, I think it's time for a night on the town."

She smiled slightly as they left the room to the turbolift.


They beamed into a dark alleyway, somewhere in the heart of the Big Apple, wearing traditional clothing one would expect for the time. Bryan looked around the area, then looked back at Ibalei and realized her hair was still up in a ponytail, her "spots," courtesy of being a Trill, easily visible running down the side of her face and neck.

"You might want to let your hair down." Bryan whispered to her.

"But-" She started.

"Ibalei, we haven't even really developed true space-faring vehicles yet this point in our history, and we most certainly have never consciously met a Trill. You would probably get locked up in an isolated cell in some dark corner of the planet, knowing how flexible Earth's governments during this time were."

"Right, sorry." She said, obviously embarrassed.

"Don't worry about it. I still think you're the most beautiful women in the galaxy," Bryan responded, smiling as Ibalei blushed faintly. "Come on, let's head down to the docks. See if we can find something there to pump out the water."


Bryan sat in the bed in the apartment he and Ibalei had rented several weeks earlier. The pair had lived there for a brief time, attempting to find a way to purchase the pumps they needed to clear the Athena's nacelle. So far, they had no luck. Though the Athena's replicators were functioning, the primary one, used for replicating components, large scale equipment, and, most importantly, water pumps to prevent flooding.

"Hey there Bryan." Ibalei said cheerily as she entered the apartment.

"Ibalei. Good to see you again." Bryan responded, getting up from the bed and kissing her gently on the cheek. "Any luck getting what we needed?"

"You Humans used to be more stingy than the richest Ferengi," She said sarcastically. "Nobody would even think about selling me one."

"Reading peoples minds again, Ibalei?" Bryan laughed.

"I didn't need to. It's pretty obvious." The Trill retorted, smiling and laughing as well.

"Was there anything else?" Bryan asked.

"There is some good news. I found some parts down at the docks we might be able to use to make our own pump. Plus, it'll be much more efficient than the ones most ships these days use."

"Well, I say we head back down to the docks and tag the parts for transport aboard the Athena." Bryan said.

"Indeed." She responded, smiling broadly.

The pair left the apartment and walked through the rapidly darkening streets of New York city. They looked just like any other couple you might see, holding hands, talking, and laughing. By the time they reached the docks, it was completely dark, though the docks were still busy as usual.

"This might complicate things a little." Bryan said, carefully observing the situation.

"Please, remember who your talking to," Ibalei responded sarcastically. "I all ready hid the parts we need in a few boxes nearby."

"You always think of everything, don't you?" Bryan laughed.

"Of course," she said, smiling and laughing herself.

She led him to a darkened alleyway, well away from any lighting and prying eyes, and filled with boxes.

"So, which ones are we taking?" Bryan asked.

"Well, I marked the ones we were going to use with an element that should be visible," she said, as she pulled out her tricorder and tapped in a few commands, "now."

She was right, as several of the boxes had a faint stripe on them that glowed a bright purple. The two got to work, silently tagging each of the crates for transport.

When they finally finished, several minutes later, Bryan pulled his combadge out of his pocket, tapped it, and said quietly, "Athena, two plus cargo for transport." At that, the faint hum of the transporter enveloped him as they were beamed out.


"Sir, we've got the pump working now," Six of nine said as she entered the ready room.

"Good," Bryan responded, looking up briefly. "How long do you expect it to take to get the nacelle working again?"

"Half an hour. A full hour at the most."

"Good. That will be all, Six. Get that nacelle up and running again"

"Yes, sir," the Borg said. With that she walked out of the room, speaking into her combadge to relay Bryan's orders. Bryan stood up and walked over to the window, looking out into the ocean. Eventually, Ibalei stepped into the room and walked up beside him.

"Quite a view, huh?" she said.

"The ocean has always been full of mysteries," Bryan responded. "We still don't understand it completely."

"That reminds me, was there something you were going to say before we got sent back here by whatever that anomaly was?"

"Yes, actually. I-"

"Sir," Athena called out, "We've got a submersible vessel closing on our position."

Bryan paused. The only way for the submarine's crew to be able to view the ship would be if they put on diving suits, which they more than likely had on board.

"Dwayne," Bryan said, tapping his combadge, "fire up the impulse engines. Try to get us away from that submarine."

"Aye sir." The helmsman responded.

"Aara, sound yellow alert."

"Right away sir." The Orion answered.

"Six, get everyone you have working on pumping and fixing the nacelle. I want to be able to warp out of here within the next ten minutes. Understood?"

"On it sir," the liberated Borg said in reply.

The Athena's hull groaned faintly as the impulse drive powered up for the first time in almost a month. The ship gradually began to rise from being half buried in sand and sediment. Once free from her burial, however, she glided though the water as easily as if it were space. The crew of the submarine didn't even have time to react, as the Athena sped away from them at speeds unimaginable for a vessel of her size during that time period.

"It feels good to be home," Bryan said as he sat back into the captain's chair for the first time since the crash.

"Agreed," Ibalei said, taking her place in the chair to Bryan's right.

"Helm, take us up and out of the atmosphere. Full impulse," Bryan called out.

The ship rose majestically through the clouds and into space once more. The last bit of water trailed away from the breach in the starboard side nacelle, and it finally glowed back to life after a month of sitting dormant.

"Sir, we have warp capability," Six said enthusiastically.

"Good. Helm, get us out of here. Maximum warp," Bryan said, obviously relieved to be back in space, "Now then, does anyone have an idea for how to get us back home?

"Actually sir, I had a thought," Ibalei said. "But first, do we still have that chroniton torpedo on board?"

"Kerry?" Bryan called to the Athena's chief Tactical officer.

"Yes, we do sir." Kerry responded.

"What's your plan Ibalei?" Bryan said, turning back to his first officer.

"Well I figure that if we can get the torpedo to detonate with the correct frequency within a wormhole or a similar anomaly, that we could theoretically get right back to where we're supposed to be. Both the time and the place."

"And you're sure this will work?"

"Not completely sure, but nothing is ever certain, is it?"

"Point. Give Avalrez the frequency. She and Thryiss can work on the Torpedo together. Where's the nearest anomaly we can use?"

"Well, we could try to imbalance our warp drive to simulate the effect right here," Six said from her station.

"Good. Work on that with Athena, Six. I want you two to make sure that you get the balance perfect."

"Aye sir."

"As for the rest of you, normal duty shift from her on out. Secure from yellow alert and get some rest. We will begin with the gamma shift. I'll be in my quarters if you need me."


"Sir, we're almost set to return to our own time," the Athena's AI said over the intercom in Bryan's quarters.

"Good. We're on delta shift now, correct?" Bryan asked

"Yes sir."

"Tell Aara to sound general quarters. I want everyone at their stations and ready just in case this goes south."

"Right away sir."

Alarms blared as Bryan stepped out of his quarters and into a hallway. He passed by groups of crewmen moving hurriedly to their stations and some MACO troopers who were already in their full combat gear and ready for anything. After about thirty seconds, he finally came to a turbolift, which opened to greet him. As he stepped in, he proceeded to call out "Bridge," and the turbolift sped upward. When it finally arrived the Athena's chief of Security, Justin, who was already in full MACO combat gear as well, called out "Admiral on deck!" and Ibalei, who had been sitting in the central chair, moved over to the first officer's chair and allowed Bryan to take the seat.

"Status?" He called out.

"All systems go, sir," Athena responded. "We can begin the attempt whenever you're ready."

Bryan tapped the intercom button on his chair. "Attention all hands, this is the Amiral speaking. By now, you all have heard that we have a plan to get back to our own time. It's a long shot, and it may not even work. Despite this, I know you all will do your duties to the very best of your abilities, as you always do. Good luck to you all. Admiral Valot, out."

"Nice speech, sir," Ibalei said.

"Thanks. Shall we begin?"

"Waiting for your orders, sir," Athena said.

"Good. Ibalei, seeing as how this was your plan, I want you to carry it out. You have the con."

"Aye, sir, I have the Con," She responded. "Dwayne, take us into warp. Athena, set warp factor to exactly sixteen."

"Aye sir." the Helmsman and AI said at the same time.

Outside the window, space suddenly glowed a bright blue, as the imbalanced warp dirve activated and threw the Athena into a newly formed wormhole.

"Thryiss, fire the torpedo...Now!"

The modified chroniton torpedo sped away from the tube, detonating about half a kilometer away. Suddenly, the ship shuddered as it became enveloped in darkness once again.


When Bryan came too, the Bridge was once again enveloped in the soft blue light of the Azure nebula. He looked around the bridge, and saw the others beginning to pick themselves up off of the floor as well.

"Status?" he asked.

"All systems are operational, sir." Athena said, "Present year is 2412, just a minute or two after we were sent back in time."

"Nice work, Ibalei," Bryan said, turning to his First Officer.

"Thank you, sir," the Trill responded, smiling faintly.

Bryan began to put his hand into his pocket when a small, metallic hoop brushed up against it. He was all of a sudden reminded of what he had intended to do, but still had not had the chance to carry out. He looked into Iablei's deep grey eyes, steeled his resolve and prepared himself.

"Ibalei, the fiasco this little excursion turned into has reminded me of something I've been meaning to do for some time now, but could never find the right circumstances to do it in," he said walking towards her.

"What's that?" she asked curiously.

Bryan held her hands in his. "I've known you for about six years now, and we've served together on the same boat for close to three. In that time, I have come to care about you, as a crewmate, as a friend, and, recently, as the first women I've truly ever loved. You are beautiful, smart, funny, and a million other things. And I would like to be one of them. Commander Ibalei Zera," Bryan pulled the small ring out of his pocket, "Will you marry me?"

The Trill stared for a moment, unable to believe what was happening. Tears began to well up in her stormy eyes as she looked into Bryan's. She opened her mouth to answer, but instead saying anything, she reached around Bryan, brought him closer to her, and the pair kissed, right in the middle of the Athena's bridge. Bryan immediately knew her answer even before her mind joined his, and whispered one word in the middle of their brief moment: "Yes."
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