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02-14-2013, 05:40 PM
Sorry to post here, but I just cant get anything else to work.

I cant start a new thread anywhere else due to:

Hello Captain!

At this time, you may only post replies to threads that have already been created. After a certain amount of time has passed since your registration date, you will be able to create new threads in forums that allow it.


The Star Trek Online Community Team
I don't even see a forum section to ask in anyway. I tried clicking support, I tried looking all over and they all round about link me back to the same palce that doesnt help me. So... forum restricted like crazy, no idea why. Can't get the in game purchase system to work or the online one. guess ya'll don't like customers?

I tried twice to buy zen.... but just get a blank screen after filling in everything and accepting the purchase. I show no zen received. Someone please help me... that is if you want someone to be your customer. Perfect Worlds purchase system isnt working for me.

Bought prepaid cards now. But following the directions it brings me back to the same billing.perfectworld link that.... doesnt work. Theres no place that sayd "Redeem Prepaid Cards" on that page... this is really aggravating.

Help would be appreciated.

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