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02-14-2013, 05:46 PM
Its a decent idea and defiantly a premise that makes logical seance; as in moving target will not be where you aim some times. There ares little things like why cant you tell your torp it missed and should turn around and try again. And how the hell do you miss with a C weapon at kilometers? I suppose we could say electronic warfare but wouldn't that make sci ships the Vanilla ice of STO?

So lets just throw real life thoughts away and go from game play as its less of a headache with the way things are.

And it basically works out to tac skills save for a attack pattern or two and maybe the hull debuf remain unchanged, and the very powerful tac skills remain unchanged. Eng basically doesn't change as they really dont cast much on enemy's but the systems there so extends and eng team now have a miss chance on others. Minor nurf to escorts as they get less heals, however cruisers now cant do anything really helpful but deploy lots of warp plasma.
And then finally most all sci skills eat it in the face. You will never hit the escort with anything that bothers it save a really lucky RNG on subnuke. The new FOTM build would be double omega, 2 piece aegis evasive and KHG shield. All hail the nigh invulnerable escort, resistance is futile you will roll a tac in an escort or be meaningless cannon fodder.

I'm a bit bitter about this but not at you, I'm bitter at the system as I have an irrational fear of such actually happening. Its close enough already Sci just needs to be found to have a few more unintended benefits from tac buffs before they remove any purpose for them to exist other than healing slots/boats.
Full disclaimer I'm a Tac cap in a CC/burst Vesta. So yea the humor is not lost on me of my post.