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James: This is Fleet Admiral James Allen. The conflict with the synthesizers has been resolved in a way.. But right now 3 years ago. A Diadect of the veil initiated his plan for domination of the known galaxy... He did this by destabilizing the galaxy's ruling powers and causing them to collapse from the popular revolt when he revealed all secrets that were being held.. The Federation was the last to fall but thanks to then Vice President Preston he joined the Empire.. We suspect he killed the Diadect somehow a year ago during an engagement at the main shipyard.. He has taken command of the Empire and renamed it a republic with his own name on it.

The remnants of the Federation, Republic, Romulan/Reman, and Klingon forces have joined in a rebellion to counter them.

Sam is still alive.. I do not know what happened to Hampton.. A couple people you know are still alive others are dead.. I am the Leader of what is left of Starfleet.
Voporak: Well, aint this a happy place. *Voporak reclines in his captain's chair, spinning a Terran badge in his hand* So I suppose by now you've figured out that I'm not from around here. Back in my own timeline it's a land of rainbows and smiles compared to here. Is there anything that is trying to destroy you (and consequently me too) at the moment that requires my ship's weapons, or did I find a 'peaceful', relatively speaking, spot to trans-spacetime-warp into? I'm not fond of being totally disabled by a wonky cube, or having to ignite my warp plasma, or crashing into an ocean. Or facing a mad Terran. *Voporak crushes the Terran badge in his hand*
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