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We have been running for 2 years, we are active and want to take the fleet to another level of activity. We plan to recruit many more members and looking to do this in Season 8 and 9.

We are also offering small fleets the chance to become a part of the Assimilated Initiative on both Federation and Klingon sides in the hope that we can get an instant boost to our sizes from true members of the community, lifers or just players excited about the game. With any luck we could have 30-40 online at any time with a couple of mergers, right now we have 10-15 and 20-25 during events

We are offering this being well aware of many fleets struggling to complete T3. If your fleet is interested in getting into a T4 fleet, on its way to T5. Let us know.

We don't just want someone to give their fleet up though and delete it. We want to throw a lifeline to groups of dedicated players while promising to continue demanding a fleet merge ability. We strongly feel the game will need it especially when Season 8 comes and players in small fleets don't have full access to a long list of perks...
  • More duty officer assignment slots
  • More duty officer recruitment NPC
  • Fleet ships that have an extra console
  • Elite fleet weapons and other support devices
  • Ground kits with 5 abilities and level V abilities
  • Lots more and more coming according to Cryptic

About Us
We are a very mixed bunch but mostly made up of fathers, many full-time fathers, professionals with some working from home or their own business and we have plenty students. The group of players we have offers a mature, dedicated and focused play-time. I myself, with some others, love PvP but play everything else. We have RP fans, ship collectors, DPS crazies and lobi addicts.

Overall our fleet is relaxed but very keen on progressing at all times. If you think we sound good for a merger just say hi and come talk to us in our "Assimilated" channel or email