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02-14-2013, 07:25 PM
Thanks for putting out some rationale behind the recent changes. Communication ftw - even if we don't like what we hear.

We are also entertaining suggestions to merge fleets or other ways that small Fleets can accelerate their progress.
1. Aside from more fleet content I'd like to see some way of earning fleet marks by simply running any content with exclusively fleet members (amounts that would not take away from fleet content being the best source overall for FMs).

2. I also think its essential to implement systems to allow for mergers (at the expense of any committed resources). But only at a holdings level. The other aspects of fleet merging should be handled through inter-player diplomatic channels.

3. Furthermore, perhaps now is the time to explore inter-fleet alliances, whereby smaller fleets in particular can commit to initiating joint advancement projects with other fleets in order to advance. The benefits of such player interactions and commitments could be lower requirement costs, or reduced wait times.

4. One final point on the foundry dilithium rewards: Right now, it is extremely unclear -ingame- whether or not -any- foundry mission offers -any- type of reward. I suggest some clarification be added to the UI sooner rather than later.

p.s. in an unrelated but relatively important note, the QA department need some serious attention, the recent patch was far from flawless. Its as if QA has no defined checklist or understanding of the extent of changes a patch has to test, before release.
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