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Voporak: Well, aint this a happy place. *Voporak reclines in his captain's chair, spinning a Terran badge in his hand* So I suppose by now you've figured out that I'm not from around here. Back in my own timeline it's a land of rainbows and smiles compared to here. Is there anything that is trying to destroy you (and consequently me too) at the moment that requires my ship's weapons, or did I find a 'peaceful', relatively speaking, spot to trans-spacetime-warp into? I'm not fond of being totally disabled by a wonky cube, or having to ignite my warp plasma, or crashing into an ocean. Or facing a mad Terran. *Voporak crushes the Terran badge in his hand*
James: Of course I have.. I am a Newtype.. Right now Republic forces.. are still engaging us in skirmishes. Your chances of not being disabled are about as good as ours.. Hopefully. Preston is far from mad.. He is actually quite sane.. He just doesn't trust people or the ways we were taught to do it anymore..