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02-14-2013, 06:33 PM
So we're stuck doing the crappy fleet missions in order to get fleet marks? For the next few months?

Here's a clue, alot of us didn't ask for this change, but went with it because we liked, and had hopes for the game. Fleet missions have been sub-par since day one. You pug a 20 man fleet match and see how you do. The pay scale for the amount of effort and time you have to put into it would be declared child labor in some countries.

Season 7 started broken, and is still broken today. You break more things than you fix every patch. Half of our Tau Dewa missions are broken/glitched and your worried about FMs in The Foundry? Seriously?

Why is it if anythings to the players benefit it gets nerfed or removed, but if its to Cryptics
benefit it gets ignored or never fixed?

Someone stated it quite well earlier: 'Star Trek Online: Into Darkness.' because thats where your taking it...
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