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Originally Posted by olivia211 View Post
So in this massive posting you said "We're not giving this back. Too bad."

Also, this whole thing about "leave your feedback here and we will look over it" was more of a stahl tactic to buy time until you all released something like this, trying to explain why this was done.

Fact is I don't want to wait months while you figure things out. If you make a change this drastic to the game, you need to have something to replace it now...not months from now.

But I have to hand it to you. You got me. You got me good. Got me for plenty of cash. Well played. Don't spend it all in one place.
This perfectly sums up most of my frustrations with this current system.

As a member of a smaller, less-than-3 logs a week RP fleet, I find that the current requirements for every tier and project are simply not worth working towards because of how much it taxes the individual members of the fleet. It has been a massive undertaking just to get our fleet to tier 2, with myself having over 230k worth of contributions to this, others have had 100k and up.

This is simply a broken system. The excuse "We are afraid of exploits and would have to make tons of rules to combat them, so we won't add a handicap" smacks of lazy developing. Yes, this is a free to play game, but there are those of us that pay for monthly subs (or at the very least have been very loyal in using the Zen/C-store system). This makes me worry for future additions to the title.

I find it odd that you ask for "further input on how smaller fleets can accelerate their progress" but yet the input we already gave you has been brushed aside due to the "difficulty" of implementing it.

It's simple: Make it so that the requirements for the tiers (i.e. the average amount of resources per member) increases/decreases based on the number in the fleet. Smaller fleets would have a lowered requirement because of their fewer numbers, but one that was still a challenge to attain, larger fleets would have a higher requirement but it would all average out.

As I said, the current system is needlessly taxing, especially on smaller fleets and has led to the utter disinterest and dissatisfaction you're seeing here.
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